Bird Underwater


I never thought I’d find myself blogging, but here I am. A friend told me to create a blog to document my life in Taiwan. I told her it probably wouldn’t happen. Writing makes me anxious–memories of late-night academic papers are coming to mind. On the other hand, I love the act of writing. I’m very satisfied by typing on the keyboard. I love the sound and the way my fingers feel as I tap each key. I used to work in the office of a rafting company in Colorado, and my favorite part of the job–aside from the sexy raft guides–was getting to type all of the trip reservations into the computer. I also love writing by hand. When I was in middle school I changed my handwriting about every week. My friends and I would write lengthy notes to each other–partly because we had something to say, but also because notes were fun to write and fold and decorate. ┬áThe day before yesterday, I stumbled upon and article (┬áthat mentioned the connection between writing and positive thinking. I figured I’d give it a try. One of my favorite friends asks me to talk about five positive things to lift my spirit when I’m feeling low, so this blog is going to be about the positive side of my life. Even though something negative might surface, I will try to write about the positive aspects of the experience. For example, as I stated earlier, writing makes me anxious. However, I believe in the changing power of uncomfortable situations. I’m into being uncomfortable lately and so far I like the change I see in myself. Also, the more I write the easier it will be! So cheers to anxious blogging and positive change!