Cold Showers (not the film)


I try to be environmentally responsible. I recycle, ride my bike when I can, and reuse as much as possible. Long, hot showers, however, remain a guilty pleasure. It’s my place to think and relax, I get lost in epiphanies and warmth. I’ve always feared I’d end up in a place where cold showers were the norm. And to think of the apocalypse! Oh no, no more hot showers?! Or what if I had to go into the military? Sergeant, name your mileage and your reps, but don’t make me take a cold power shower every day! I’m exaggerating, but seriously, I love my shower time.

So our water heater decided to bite the dust. For three months, it took about five minutes to heat up and there was about a ten second window between freezing cold to scalding hot. Ironically, I found myself taking navy showers out of necessity–get wet, turn the water off, lather, rinse quick! I rarely rinsed before being burned or frozen. I felt like a DJ turning the faucet knobs back and forth to get the right warmth. I eventually gave up on the DJ routine and took cold showers. After I got over the initial shock and inability to breath, it wasn’t only not bad, but refreshingly excellent.

I was telling this story to a friend and he mentioned there are a lot of health benefits to cold showers. I decided to do a little Googling and found cold showers reduce stress and fat, increase circulation, make skin soft and hair shiny, and build the immune system.

On another note, could cold showers be an analogous to the painful, shocking situations in life? If so, there must be healthy benefits to rough times if we make it through the initial shock. I’m gonna go with it. Who knew a cold shower could offer so much insight? Epiphanies happen in cold showers too!

The repairman came and installed a brand new electric water heater this week. With consistent temperature options, the will power to apply my new wisdom is being tested. Nonetheless, cheers to saving water, overcoming shock and feeling renewed!


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